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Protection ID 5.0 BETA 3
(c) CDKiLLER [02/2003 - 02/2004]

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Protection iD is now exactly one year old on february 1st 2004.
Itīs constantly updated to detect all at the moment availabe PC Game Protections and most of the EXE / DLL protectors.

The final v5.0 still requires much coding, testing and bugfixing, so i decided to release my current Beta
(and maybe some more soon...) on the net to give you the most accurate detection possible.

greets to all my friends for all the effort you put into my tool, making it what it is today, one of the best Protection Scanners.


* scanning PC Game & Application EXEcutables, DLLs and DAT files for protections
* coded in 100% Win32 Assembly language, allowing it to run on every WinOS since Windows 95
* easy scanning with the shell context menu "Scan with Protection ID..." for executables and dlls
* ability to scan a cracked exe / dll / dat file and get information wich protection was used
* detection for all available PC Game Protections
    - CD Lock
    - Codelok
    - Laserlock
    - Safecast
    - Safedisc
    - SecuROM
    - Starforce
    - Tages
    - VOB Protect CD
    - CD-Checks
* detection for more than 50 executable protectors


v5.0 BETA 3
quote from Tages developer: 'A tool that is able to detect correctly a TAGES™ protected CD does not even exist'
answer: sorry i was busy with other protections, but here we go..
              btw, did u heard about A-Ray Scanner ? greets R!co ;-)

* added: detection for Tages (non generic because iīm waiting for new Tages games to work on a generic detection.)
* added: detection for Laserlock version (if detection is possible...)
* added: detection for Starforce version (not possible for all versions)
* added: detection for Air ExeLock
* added: detection for Perplex PE Protector
* added: detection for UPX Scrambler
* added: more CD/DVD-Check detection strings to database (i.e. Fire Starter, Massive Assault, Apache Longbow Assault...)
* added: scanning in all files wich are valid PE files (i.e. in Lords of Everquest, the Lords.ree is protected with SecuROM)
* improved: new protection string database with only the half size of the old one
* improved: Starforce detection
* improved: ASPack detection
* improved: FSG detection
* improved: Krypton detection
* improved: Neolite detection
* improved: PE Compact detection
* improved: PE Shield detection
* improved: Softdefender version checking
* improved: Stealth PE detection (a bit tricky this one...)
* improved: VBO Watch detection
* improved: checks if a file was cracked by an iso / dox / rip group
* fixed: all possible crashes with the help of an UnhandledExceptionFilter
* fixed: bug wich closes Protection iD when closing the Easteregg window
* fixed bug in 'unknown ASPack' version detection, not showing ASPack
* fixed: ASProtect detection bug who detects the protector if it finds the '.asprot' section only and no special byte pattern
* removed: checks for possible CD-Check APis (i got enough CD-Check strings wich should find the checks)
* removed: checks if a VOB Protect CD or SVKP protected executable has been cracked

* added: detection for SecuROM newer than 4.87.00 (thx to CirKutz)
* added: detection for more Armadillo versions
* added: detection for more TeLock versions
* added: detection for Akala EXELock
* added: detection for Stealth PE
* added: more CD/DVD-Check detection strings to database (i.e. Secret Weapons over Normandy)
* improved: SecuROM detection code
* improved: VOB Protect CD detection
* improved: ACPack detection
* improved: BJFnt detection
* improved: Exe Bundle detection
* improved: ExeStealth detection
* improved: FSG detection
* improved: Pex detection
* improved: PE Bundle detection
* improved: PKLite32 detection
* improved: Shrinker detection

* added: more CD/DVD-Check detection strings to database (i.e. Chaos Legion, Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer, NHL 2004, Reel Deal Poker...)
* added: detection for more UPX versions
* improved: CD/DVD-Check detection
* improved: scanning speed of Multiscan function
* improved: SecuROM detection (hopefully fixed the 'was protected with SecuROM but has been unwrapped' bug in a few non-cracked files)
* fixed: Bug when scanning more then 2 unwrapped Safedisc files wich always showed 'No additional CD/DVD-Checks'
* fixed: Bug in unwrapped SecuROM files wich says 'Protected with additional CD-Checks' when a certain string was found
* fixed: crashbug when scanning files < 4 KB
* fixed: SecuROM version bug (i.e. PiD v4.0 detected SecuROM, but real version is 4.84.85 only, coz itīs zero terminated)
* removed: detection if a game was cracked by RAZOR 1911 due request

* added: new logo by Eboy [SAC]
* added: check if the scanned file is a valid Executable
* added: message when scanning files >20 MB
* added: scanning for CD-Checks in cracked SecuROM files
* added: detection for ASProtect
* added: detection for BJFnt
* added: detection for Def v1.0
* added: detection for Exe Bundle
* added: detection for ExeProt
* added: detection for Krypton
* added: detection for PE Mangle
* added: detection for PE Pack/Crypt
* added: detection for PhrozenCrew PE Shrinker
* added: detection for PKLite32
* added: detection for Simple PE Crypter
* added: detection for Stoneīs PE Encrypter
* added: detection for TeLock
* added: detection for hacked UPX versions
* added: detection for VBO Watch
* added: detection for VGShrink
* added: detection for WWPack32
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* added: detection if ASPack was unwrapped with ASPackDie
* improved: Armadillo detection
* improved: ASPack detection (v2.11, v2.12)
* improved: CD-Check API detection
* improved: CodeLock detection
* improved: FSG detection speed
* improved: Neolite detection
* improved: NFO detection
* improved: Noodle Crypt detection
* improved: Obsidium Software Protection
* improved: PEnguincrypt detection
* improved: PeX detection
* improved: Petite detection scanning speed
* improved: VGCrypt detection for both encryption modes (added section, installed code into cave)
* improved: SecuROM detection code optimized
* fixed: UPX detection bug
* fixed: ProtectionID cannot be started more than once at the same time
* fixed: some grammar issues (thx Bounty Warrior)
...and finally the easteregg has become a picture...

* added: detection for Neolite
* added: detection for PE Nightmare
* added: detection for PE Ninja
* added: detection for PE Shield
* added: detection for PeX
* added: detection for Softdefender
* added: detection for VGCrypt
* added: Easteregg ;-)
* improved: CD-Check detection strings and messages
* improved: general code optimizations

* added: detection for PE Diminisher
* added: detection for PEnguincrypt
* added: detection for PE Lock
* added: detection for WinKrypt
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* improved: cleaned up SecuROM detection code
* improved: FSG detection and scanning speed
* improved: AC Pack detection
* improved: formated most messages
* removed: MessageBox when the selected file is bigger then 30 MB

* added: detection for Anti Crack Software Protector
* added: detection for Special EXE Pasword Protector
* added: detection for Xtreme Protector
* added: detection if the Slovak Protector (SVKP) has been cracked
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* improved: Armadillo detection
* improved: speed of Safedisc and Safecast scanning routine
* improved: Safedisc will be detected if the version info was removed

* added: a completely rewritten "Release Group Search Tag Engine", wich enables much faster scanning of all files
* added: Armadillo detection
* added: Shrinker detection
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* improved: FSG detection
* improved: NFO detection
* improved: Obsidium Software Protection detection
* improved: Petite detection
* improved: new scanning algorithm for all Protections
* improved: generic speed and memory improvements when scanning for group tags
* fixed: Uninstall Context Menu for exe and dll.reg now works proper on Win98 / WinME / Win2000 / WinXP

* added: *.reg file for uninstalling the context menu for exe / dll files
* added: ASPack detection
* added: EXE32 Pack support
* added: EXEStealth detection
* added: FSG detection
* added: Lamecrypt detection
* added: NFO encrypter detection
* added: Noodle Crypt detection
* added: Obsidium Software Protection detection
* added: PE Bundle detection
* added: PE Compact detection
* added: Petite detection
* added: Yoda Crypt detection
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* changed: starting Protection.ID will not force the fileopen dialog to show up anymore
* changed: Protection ID will quit after showing wich protection is used, when scanning with the shell context menu
* removed: detection wich Group cracked the Slovak Protector

* added: Shell Context Menu "Scan with ProtectionID..." for exe/dll files
* added: Commandline support (Protection_ID.exe -scan filename)
* added: detection if the following protections have been cracked: Starforce / CD Lock / Slovak Protector
* added: detection if a file was cracked by Team FAS
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* changed: a warning will now pop up when scanning a file wich is bigger than 30 MB
* changed: scanning first for UPX and SVKP and then for commercial ISO Protections
* improved: rewritten most code for more speed and to allow an easy implementation of new detections
* improved: detection if a file was cracked by iMMERSiON
* improved: better Starforce detection and second check
* improved: optimized some CD-Check detection strings
* improved: Cracktro.exe ;-)
* fixed: small bug wich donīt detect if a safedisc file was cracked by DRUNK (i.e. cracked Big Mutha Truckers.exe)
* fixed: small bug in safedisc detection wich could slow down scanning speed
* fixed scanning bug for a german error message (Red Faction 2)
* removed: ASPack detection (not used in Games, exept a dll from Domino Day)

* added: SecuROM with random sections will be detected (i.e. Championship Manager 4 v4.04)
* added: Message wich asks you to scan a file wich is bigger than 20 MB
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* added: new Cracktro.exe with full Credits to the people who helped me
* changed: only one Logo (thanx to Monty Burns who made it) for smaller filesize
* improved: generic SecuROM detection improvements
* improved: strings for CD-Check scanning

* added: scanning for SecuROM version in SecuROM unwrapped files (if possible...)
* added: detection if a Codelok encrypted file has been cracked by a group
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* added:, only 904 Bytes ;-)
* fixed: bug where it wasnīt possible to detected if Safedisc V1 has been cracked
* fixed: memory wonīt be freed when no protection was found

* added: Codelok support (i.e. Gangsters2.exe, thx Krondike for the exe)
* added: detection wich group cracked a VOB Protect CD protected file
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* improved: Slovak Protector detection rewritten (old one wasnīt generic)
* improved: UPX detection
* improved: SecuROM version detection code
improved: faster Safecast detection
fixed: bug wich doesnīt detect Safedisc V1
* fixed: bug wich doesnīt free allocated memory after scanning with the "Scan" button
* fixed: spelling "bugs" ;-)

* added: scanning for CD-Checks in Safedisc unwrapped files
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
improved: ASPack, Safecast, StarForce and UPX detection
* improved: detection if SecuROM was unwrapped
* improved: generic improvements in detection wich group cracked the game
* improved: scanning speed for Safedisc version
* improved: tweaked some messages
* fixed: small SecuROM detection bug

* added: random logo generator (thx to bOOls eYe for the code)
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* improved: VOB Protect CD detection
* improved: Safedisc 2/3 detection (fixes Bug in Morrowind.exe)
* fixed: GUI will now really popup on the center of your screen
* fixed: allocated memory will now ever be freed when you close the ProtectionID.exe
* removed: Armadillo Protection (only used in Gothic2.exe and no other games as for as i know)

v2.0 Beta 3
* added: new Logo (thx to Monty Burns)
* added: detection if a cracked file was cracked by SOULDRiNKER
* fixed: bug wich says "No Protection found" in a already cracked SecuROM files
* fixed: some allocated memory bugs
* tweaked messages

v2.0 Beta 2
* added: updated GUI style with better Logo
* added: Window will now popup on the center of your screen
* fixed: bug that forces program to quit when no protection was found
fixed: small bug in multiple filescanning routine (thanx to Monty Burn for reporting)
* fixed bug where no protection will be detected after scanning more than 7 files

v2.0 Beta 1
* added: Graphical User Interface
* added: multi file scanning
* added: ability to scan files wich are opened by other tools (i.e. you can scan a file wich is loaded into an HexEditor)
* fixed: small Tweaks and Fixes here and there ...

* added: Armadillo detection is back (Bug fixed)
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* improved: many speed optimizations
improved: SecuROM ID Code (thx to CirKutz for a better code)
improved: Laserlock detection and show group wich cracked Laserlock
improved: detection code for cracked Safedisc / SecuROM executables

* changed: Armadillo Detection disabled (strange bug inside!), will come back in a later version
changed: some messages tweaked
* improved: generic speed improvements (thx to CirKutz for allocated memory hints)
* improved: detection wich Group cracked the Game
improved: CD-Check detection (also checks if CD-Check has been cracked)
* fixed: Crashbug when scanning for CD-Checks in a Safedisc unwrapped file

* added: support for Armadillo (Gothic 2)
* added: support for Safecast (thx to bOOls eYe for some infos)
* added: support for older versions of VOB Protect CD (i.e Port Royale - german)
* improved: scanning speed for SecuROM, Starforce and VOB Protect CD
* fixed: "no additional CD-Checks found" in an unprotected exe is now fixed
* fixed: bug when Safedisc was found and cracked by an unknown group says file is not cracked

* added: support for CD Lock protected files (i.e. Tomb Raider 3)
* added: more CD-Check detection strings to database
* improved: scanning speed in Safedisc / SecuROM executables
* improved: Safedisc scanning speed (50% faster now)
* fixed Scanning for CD-Checks in cracked executables didnīt work properly

* added: scanning for CD-Checks in cracked Safedisc executables / dlls
* added: checks if a SecuROM protected file was cracked
* fixed: some lines in SecuROM detection code (found SecuROM 4.xx.xx in a SecuROM unwrapped file is now gone)

* added: detection for Slovak Protector (thx to Mplayer-Warlord for the original ArxFatalis 1.16a.exe)
* added: checks if a Safedisc protected file was cracked
* added: 4 more CD-Check detection strings to database

* added: when scanning a Safedisc unwrapped file, the Safedisc version wich was used will be shown
* changed: first scanning for English CD-Check messages, than German messages
* improved: scanning for English & German CD-Check messages

* added: 21 different CD-Check Strings to scan for (i.e. Game CD not in drive...)
* added: detection for possible CD-Checks (GetVolumeInformationA & GetDriveTypeA)
* added: check if a Safedisc protected exe has been cracked (erased stx - sections)
* added: Safedisc V1 detection
* improved: CD-Check detection algorithm
* removed: scanning for stuff from API detection code

* added: detection for Safedisc 3.0 (will come soon...)
* improved: Laserlock detection (thx to bOOls eYe for the Warrior Kings v1.3 exe and some hints)
* improved: CD-Check scanning algorithm
* improved: Safedisc detection Code

* added: Safedisc version will be detected (thx to bOOls eYe for the code)
* added: Safedisc unwrapping hints
* improved: CD-Check detection - tested on 18 game executables :d
* improved: Starforce detection (Anstoss 4)
* fixed: no WriteAcces needed when opening files

* added: scanning for CD-Checks (still experimental)
* added: ASPack detection (Dominy Day)
* added: more protection informations

* added: detection of UPX
* added: DAT files can be scanned (Aquanox2.dat is SecuROM protected)
* added: VOB Protect CD Serial hint
* improved: support for newest VOB Protect CD (Highland Warriors)

* added: DLL Support (e.g. BF1942 Mod.dll)
* added: detection of the SecuROM version (thx to CirKutz)
* added: second check for VOB Protect CD
* improved: Laserlock and SecuROM detection

* added: Laserlock will be detected (Biathlon 2003)
* added: detection of VOB Protect CD (Skispringen 2003)
* fixed: Crashbug when selecting Abort on FileOpenDialog

* basic working code
* detection for Safedisc, SecuROM and Starforce


Greets for coding help and bugfixing fly out to CirKutz and VLuka
and some good friends who also worked on ProtectionID
but want to stay anonymous... you know who you are !

More greets for testing and bugfinding to sLaY3r, Krondike, Monty Burns
Bounty Warrior, Ghosth@cker, RincewindtheWiz, Mplayer-Warlord

special greets to Eboy [SAC] for the new kickass logo !

without the help of you all, this tool wouldnīt exists !!!

special greets to all my friends in..